Now that Christmas is gone, that I’ve done that amazing trip to Lapland, I’m over winter! Like most of you, I guess, I just want sun and long dayyys. No darkness at 5:30. Bye bye depression, hello chill on terrace and barbecues! (Ok, maybe not in London!) But yes I’m looking forward to Spring and Summer.

Especially because with my boyfriend we have planned a lot of exciting things for April, June, July and August. If everything is fine, if my health is alright (because yes I have some unsolved health issues due to the worst medical system – thank you England…) we should live some great adventures soon!

In the meantime I want to try to explore more London on my free time. Because in the winter it’s not fun, you have to carry gloves/scarf/umbrella/big jacket and it’s hard to enjoy the time outside. So in Spring I give myself the goal of trying as many new things as possible (areas, terrace, brunch, pub, festival, …) and take more time for friends and just nice time outside.

I’ll try to share some cute, inspiring discovery with you, as there is so many things to do in London that it’s good to know what to absolutely do and what to avoid, especially for short stay in the city.

About the pictures, while walking around Covent Garden we found that lovely candy shop ‘SugarSin’. Of course I went in to buy some treats as I’m the worst kid haha
But honestly they have lot of candies, and Easter bunnies so that’s a good place to go. Plus, obviously a nice pastel shop.


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