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Hi everyone,

A few days ago, I got invited to @MadeDotCom showroom in London. They had organised an event to celebrate the launch of their Spring Summer collection 2019. For those of you who don’t know the brand,  Made is a furniture/decoration brand which create affordable high end designs. The designers idea is to produce products that evolve with you, are timeless and versatile. I have to say, since I moved to London I have lost a bit my interest for interior design and home styling. Mainly because I don’t have my own place anymore. But Made actually talked about how to style small spaces and made me want to imagine the decoration of my future house (if I can one day afford one…!).

The evening was Mexico themed to mirror the new collection. Kate from Pinterest shared her knowledge of trends and told us more about people’s behaviour on the platform. We learned that well-being seems to be the number one trend for this year, in every field, like Food, Lifestyle, Sport, Decoration, Sleep. Our fast-paced generation wants to make sure that we have time to relax and take care of ourself. With this idea in mind, Made has created a ‘Zen’ inspired collection with some nice wood, natural textures, and lot of sophisticated prints. The second trend that inspired the design team was Mexico. Why? Because Pinterest’s users seemed to have a big interest at the end of 2018 for that destination and everything inspired by it. That’s why the all event was Mexico inspired. Everything was in the theme! The decoration obviously, with lot of cactus, pop colours and geometric prints and shapes, but also the food, Tacos and Tequila were on the table. It was a great evening. Thanks to the team at MadeDotCom.



Please, let me know in comments if you want to see more interior design/decoration articles. xx

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