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Afternoon Tea with Feel Good Contacts

October 2018

Hello everyone,

As you probably know already, Afternoon Tea is a well known London experience. The occasion to meet with some friends, bloggers around quality food in a lovely place. It’s the moment to relax, enjoy good conversation and on this special occasion, the time to discover the brand Feel Good Contacts.

I’ve been invited to this afternoon tea by Victoria, the French marketing coordinator of Feel Good Contacts. The idea was to discover more about the brand, exchange with the other bloggers invited and share a bit more about the brand with my followers. The Afternoon Tea was taking place in the café of Harvey Nichols in Knightsbridge. The feminine sophisticated decoration and fluffy sofas were perfect for this event!

The afternoon started with the meeting with the team which was really lovely, Anne the head of PR told us a bit more about the day and the brand. We all received some goodie bags full of surprises, and on our table we all had a cake with our name and a glass of Prosecco. I felt very welcomed. After settling I started to chat with the different bloggers. I loved it because everyone was really nice and casual. We were all coming from different background, different countries/cities, different profession and blog style. It was really interesting to exchange and learn more about each other. One of the blogger was already wearing lenses from Feel Good Contacts and it looked absolutely amazing on her.

Between conversation I saw the different afternoon teas coming. I was a bit concerned and embarrassed as I’m the person with the most food allergies in the world haha But the team and the staff were incredible, they managed to do a special menu for me in a very short amount of time. The afternoon tea was mixing savory treats and sweet cakes, scones and some ice cream. I couldn’t have ask for more. It was delicious. After enjoying the food, we played a  game, three girls won prizes, it was a good way to bring some more fun to the day. Two hours later it was time to go take some pictures before going home. The team had prepared a nice step and repeat wall as well as some handmade floral and Instagram frame.

The event finished I got home and opened the goody bag. This one was composed of so many little surprises. I first wanted to talk to you about the rainbow lenses I got. There were different lenses from a all new collection just launched that week. Those are colored lenses without prescription. I tried on the green and blue ones. I’m not especially comfortable wearing lenses as I’m not use to it but I have to admit that the result look really natural and I would love to wear them sometimes. I posted a picture on Instagram while wearing the blue lenses and most people replied saying that it looked great on me. For a moment I regretted to have hazel eyes haha.

I honestly think that the brand is one of the best on the optical market, Feel Good Contacts can save you up to 50% on your contact lenses and designer sunglasses compared to high street opticians and the next day delivery is definitely a great advantage. I also discovered different cosmetics brands such as Sisley Paris or Anatomical shop.

In conclusion I’d say that I loved my first Afternoon Tea. It was my first time and the team made it great! It was really well organized, fun and very convivial. I’ve been to bloggers events in the past were I wasn’t exactly comfortable, because I’m not the most outgoing person, especially if I’m surrounded by English bloggers all speaking at the same time haha my French ear can’t follow everything happening. But this time I didn’t have any issue, everyone was friendly and Feel Good contacts made us feel comfortable.

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