Adexe Watches x Moxy Hotel

Hello everyone,

Last week I had the chance to be invited to the Adexe Watches event at the Moxy hotel in Stratford. The event was honestly one of the best blogger event I have attended this year. Everything was so well organized, many activities, watches for all of the guests, food, drinks.

If you don’t know the Adexe brand yet, I invite you to check it out. It’s a luxury watch brand from London. The watches are quite minimalist and elegant. I personally choose a nice leather brown one. See here.

The event was taking place at the Moxy hotel in Stratford. I had never been there before and I have to say that place was amazing! All the Christmas lights were on, there was a big Christmas tree, it was very nice and festive. With a nice fireplace in the middle.. They also had installed a big double bed with nice pillows, colorful teddy bears, in the hall so that we could take some pictures, as well as 3D video. An absolute Instagram heaven!

A lot of activities were running during the evening. A tattoo artist was there to do some quick floral tattoos, a room was there for us to reply to personal questions in a fun atmosphere for a Instagram live. There was a photographer all along and dancers at some point. It was a very well animated event where we also all received a watch of our choice and cocktails. The atmosphere was really friendly, there were lot of bloggers, I saw familiar faces, friends and other bloggers there. It was the occasion to meet new people as well as having fun.

Pictures © JunyaYashiki 




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  1. Joyful Dreams

    December 12, 2018 at 11:19 am

    Oh tu es trop jolie ! Cette montre est vraiment belle aussi 🙂 Je connaissais absolument pas la marque, mais elle a l’air chouette.

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