5 must-watch Ted talks

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I have decided to share with you 5 Ted talks that have inspired me and are still inspiring me on a daily basis. I assume that you are familiar with Ted talks. They are inspiring talks made by individuals who share with us their knowledge/opinion on a topic of their choice. I like watching them because it’s a good way for me to be inspired, motivated and to know myself better. They are unique and made by passionate people who genuinely wants to share.

I have selected my 5 must-watch Ted Talks. I have a deep interest for success stories, how some people make it, why? What do they do differently. I could spend hours on Youtube looking for answers on that topic. So I have selected, two talks related to that. But I’m not only obsessed by success, I also wants to know more about happiness. Happiness is the new rich, the trend everyone wants to reach. Being happy has become a goal for our generation and I’m not different from any of you, I want to know more about it. That’s why I have selected one talk about how to have a happy life, and one about how to befriend your stress. Mental Health issues are a big problem nowadays and definitely don’t help with feeling good and happy. I have finally selected a last video, which is about introvert people. I would describe myself as introvert, even if I love social life, I still need a lot of time for myself, to be creative, productive and just good in my own skin. And our society doesn’t give enough credit to introverts, this is why I have decided to show you that talk.

The 4 secrets to success — Daniel Ally 

You may think that there are so many talks about success that actually give no real interesting knowledge. That one is different. I like it because it’s simple and short. He goes straight to the main point, giving us 4 keys to success. Time, Informations, Money and Energy are the four directions and he explained how each of them are essentials to succeed.

What makes a good life? — Robert Waldinger

That Ted talk is by far the most interesting I have ever listened to. Why? Because it goes straight to the point, what makes us happy. The answer may seems absolutely obvious, but we still need to hear it, to have facts, numbers to understand it better. It’s the occasion to think about your own current situation, your relationships, especially in a society who teach us to race for success. And question yourself, what makes you truly happy?

Four keys for setting and achieving goals — William Barr 

Achieving goals may seem easy, you choose your goal for the next month, year and you reach it. But there’s actually a lot of strategy, work and effort behind the accomplishment. William Barr gives us some tips on how to achieve our goals. It’s down to earth, logical and inspiring. Imagination and visualisation are important for him.

The power of introverts — Susan Cain

I consider myself as an introvert, so I have been curious when seeing that video pop-up on Youtube. I watched it thinking that I new everything about being an introvert. But I actually learn a lot, understood better how society work, why extravert people seem to be more appreciated, at school as well as at work and finally how to feel good about being introvert.

How to make stress your friend — Kelly McGonigal

Stress has been my worst enemy for a while. Lot of health issues appeared in my life last year, including a hernia generated by stress, IBS which is a chronic disease generated by stress and finally regular fainting due to high anxiety. Let me tell you that my lifestyle has change radically. I had to do sacrifice, learn to relax and try to find a lifestyle that can work with my issues. Full time job for me as an example had become very complicated, parties are not good for me anymore neither as I have been forbidden alcohol for more than a year now and need to avoid the crowd and closed space as much as possible. So when I found that video about befriending my stress, I thought “What the heck, no way”. And then I realize that what she says makes perfect sense, and I wish I had seen that before, I could have managed my stress better, and understand that it wasn’t the enemy.

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