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10 tips to fight January blues

Hello everyone,

Today I’ll be talking about the January blues. I think it’s safe to say that we all experimented it at least once in our life. It’s also known as the seasonal affective disorder. Basically, the cold wet weather and shorter days makes us want to hibernate for a few months! We have the feeling that it’s always dark outside and the post-Christmas magic kick in. We feel depressed, even if we feel it very lightly. Now the question is, how to fight this January/winter blues.


I’m starting with this one, as it’s probably the hardest one. When it’s cold all we want to do is stay warm inside, go back to bed with a movie and a warm drink. Definitely not going to the gym. But this is one of the best way to feel better. I’m not saying anything new here, we all know that physical activity is one of the best tool to fight depression. Instead of heading home after your work day just go straight to the gym (or before work depends what you prefer). Give yourself a time, like an hour a day, to move and sweat. You will feel good after that, refresh, strong, confident. Plus, it help getting in shape before spring/summer.

Bath time in music

After exercising, why not treat yourself with a nice, warm bath. It will help your muscle relax, and calm your mind before a good night sleep. Put on your favorite music playlist, something happy and just stop thinking. It’s the best time to meditate, think of the things you are grateful for and just relax.

Take a new hobby

New year is the perfect moment to find new hobbies. This year, it’s decided, you’re gonna start dancing, boxing, drawing, doing yoga, sewing, baking… No matter what you’d love to do, choose one activity that you think will make you happy. Learning new skills is a great way to feel good about yourself. Every new achievement in your hobby will make you feel confident. It’s also a great occasion to meet new people, make new friends who share your interest.

Redecorate your place

Having a tidy room is important, it helps being productive and feeling good. It’s hard to be efficient when surrounded by mess. So why not rearrange your room. Just like a big spring cleaning, let’s start the year by cleaning, tidying and redecorating. Move your furniture, buy cosy candles, pillows, bring a bit of color to make your mood better.

Give yourself goals

At New Year most of us take resolutions. I personally prefer to give myself goals. I usually choose 2 to 5 goals to respect. The difference with the resolutions (like quit drinking, quit smoking, …) is that it’s not something I have to do on a daily basis, like a pressure. It’s something that I visualise in the futur, something I’d like to reach, achieve. For example, last year my goals were, to travel and to become freelance. I only gave myself two objectives to not be overwhelmed. And I have reached them. All year I have been working towards them. I have started at the New Year, saving money for travels from January and starting to meet freelancers, designers, reading inspiring books to prepare for the next step. So it gave me a year motivation, it’s exciting and help me moving on.

Go out, see friends

In Winter we want to stay at home, cosy and warm. So when our friend call like “would you like to meet for a drink” we are tempted to say no. But we shouldn’t. So from now on, start going out more. Meeting with friends is a great way to have energy and positive vibes. The discussion, exchange will help you feel refreshed, motivated and will simply entertain you. Friends always (or almost) make us happy. And sure, you have to go out, take the tube, walk in the rain/cold. But what you gain is more important. Social life is the key to fight seasonal affective disorder.

Take care of your diet

Let’s be honest, in Winter, we all want to be lazy, order deliveroo, eat junk food while watching netflix. We feel like chocolates, burgers and sweets are our best friend. But I swear, they’re not. I’m not saying to cut it all, but at least reduce it. Especially after all those Christmas meals, it’s good to detox. So, eat your greens (it’s also in line with going to the gym. If you go exercise and eat a mcdo after, what the point, right?!). Vegetables will help you feel better straight away. Carbs and sweet just makes you feel good on the moment, but the next day, your energy level go down. You don’t feel fresh and energetic if you don’t eat fruits, vegetables, nuts and drink a lot of water.

Go for a walk, in nature

Going for walk outside will help lightening your mood. Nature is peaceful, refreshing, a great way to be with yourself. It’s nice to see the landscape changing, to breathe, and if you have a dog it’s even more fun! If you live in a city like London, I really invite you to do it, as we’re constantly surrounded by noise, the croud and it’s not the best for mental health.

Treat yourself to flowers

Ok, that one is a ‘bonus’ one haha. It’s not a necessity, but I feel like it’s a simple thing that can make everyone happy. Having some flowers in your room/flat will make you smile. The colors, perfume can brighten your day a bit. It’s obviously better if you receive them from someone as a gift, but oh well, as long as you have them you know. Treat yourself!

Change your wardrobe

I’ve hesitated a lot for that title, just because I don’t mean, change your wardrobe completely. We all know that the environment is not good, and fast fashion is the enemy. So let’s not buy too many things. Or maybe using second hand apps like United Wardrobe, Vinted, Depop or charity shop. You can just tidy your wardrobe and select the pieces that can work for this season and buy one or two items to accessorize. You’ll just be excited to wear your new outfits and go out, show it to the world!

So, here are all my advices to fight the January blues, if you have others, feel free to comment. xx


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  1. Joyful Dreams

    December 20, 2018 at 11:28 am

    Depuis quelques mois je déprime, je ne sais pas vraiment pourquoi, mais je me sens fatiguée, pas motivée, triste, fainéante, bref c’est pas ma meilleure version. J’essaie de prendre plus soin de moi en prenant des bains, en regardant des films, en cuisinant un peu, car c’est important de se détendre 🙂 Il faut pas laisser les coups de mous prendre le dessus 😉

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